Roy Lynn
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His legacy
Roy's Life consisted of:  
I want all to know him for who he was.

Sad times:
Paternal grandmother left in ambulance fm. his house with a heart attack.
She didn't make it to come home again!
He was only 12, 5 mentally.

Bio-dad came for a visit & slipped away when he left on school bus-he ripped up 8x10 pic of him & dad-never said a word,why?-he said it all w/out speaking!

His most favorite Aunt Peg passed away un-expectantly-he was 19-they partied together, just the 2 of them.

His sister felled w/ a seizure & broke her foot on both sides & had surgery & couldn't walk for 9wks.

His JAck Russell, Zowie died in the yardw/ Roy standing next to him  & he ask Why?

Many of his favorite singers passed & he hurt over each one, especially, Marty Robbins, Waylon Jennings & one of his Idols since he watched him faithfully everyday & had videos, Mister Rogers

Participated in:
Special Olympics
Special Bowling Team
Job trainingw/ a coach @ Dollar Store/ had a job stocking shelves
Worked the summer @ County School warehouse, packing books-was a hard worker
Vacation Bible school @ age 6 w/ his sister,they 2 sang "jesus loves the lil children"He was great for their commencement! 
Boy Scouts-learned to climb a tree which helped him later.
Was on school float w/ just his sister in Christmas parade

Funny Times:  

Was given Bio-dads truck keys to warm up the truck & He put it in gear & took off the side of his dad's corvette(his dad's first love)_ no one @ their party was concerned about Roy-just the vette-He thought of sueing us till I ask how did Roy get the keys? They gave him the keys!!HUH?
It took my Roy to get the old man- 3 half brothers would have loved to do this.

"God Bless you" to the dogs when they sneeze & now his sister is doing it.

Gave the lab a cup of water for urine & had his Dr.flipped out with the results!!

 Ran on pulpit during the sermon-had a message fm. God!"Be good to everybody"

Ran behind the counter in the bank to see Micheal Jordan poster & caused an up-roar-guess they thought he was a robber! 

Interrupted the preacher on sermon"Jesus is coming back"
Roy said"Elvis too"-sister says"No, Santa is coming" the whole congregation laughed.

Turned off main valve @ gas station while I was busy, no one could get gas!

Seeing Jesus' birthday greeting @ Christmas & hollering"Happy Birthday Ole man"

Told Easter bunny, "no candy, just Elvis in my basket"

Running out of Emerg. Room, in the car when I found him because he saw the injection he was getting

Standing @ Customer counter w/ his new C.D. so I'd have to pay before I could leave

Fed the dogs all the pork chops I worked so hard on for dinner. All breaded & crispy
Could fit 12 tea bags in a cup to make it in the microwave for a glass of ice tea
You knew he hit the sugar bowl when the sugar was on the floor after replenishing sugar bowl

He mowed down the plants & 1 sm. tree we were growing so he never had to mow again!

Threw the picnic table across the parking lot @ the workshop because he was tired of attending there. Never had to go back-spent his last 5 yrs @ homew/ mom-I'm so thankful for this part. God works in strange ways. 

His last phone call to his Bio-dad & cussed him out & told him how low down he was for hurting all of us! His dad deserved this but don't know if it was the best for last!

He went to the casino a few times & loved the pretty ladies as he called them. Would rather order a Pepsi than stay w/ his winnings falling in the tray! Reminded me of "Rainman "
In an arguement would always say to the person"U don't know who U messing with" & would not hurt anyone

Bring the newspaper straight fm the street & put it in the trash can-
If U wanted it, U knew where to find it.

Ran toilet over @ church-loved to flush as he entered a bathroom , while he was using it & one more time on his way out. The preacher understood him but what a mess.

Slipped off down country road & walked to church to their Pepsi machine, my neighbor found him w/ 9 cans stuck in machine"too many buttons" is all he had to say

WAs enrolled in Horticulture & picked the veg. before they were ready- bout sent the teacher over the edge.

Let his sister cut off ALL his hair & I couldn't find the hair when I found him bald! They hid it in a brown paper bag under the bed!!!!!!!!!

Painted the bathroom wall  partially & then I had it to finish

REmoved the just hung wall paper in the kitchen & turned it all in a different direction!

Put 2-4 records in slots of his juke box, now I need a repairman
Of couse the Spa on his B'day-2 days before he got sick-w/ all his clothes on & sandals.
Times only a mother could love!!!!!

Had to be Santa @ School play because he was the big guy- 6ft. Shoes of Santa's too sm. He thought this was hilarious & I did too!Other Santa did not show up. Boy, did he have some shoes to fill & he did.

Favorite magazines:
T.V. Guide
Elvis' anniversary-25th yr.
Pretty Ladies
Music C.D. ordering book

His favorite girls:
Baby Cakes

His Favorite church:
New Testament Non-denominational
Webster, Ky
His favorite preacher:
Bro. Earl Dutschke
AkA-Grandpa W/
Grandma too

Organize store shelves while I shopped.Did a good job. Put back items other customers had laid around

Outstanding Strengths:

Photo Memory-remembered people he hadn't seen since he was 7yrs. old

LOved All people

Music Trivia-even knew their record label!

Left such an impression on people with his love for music that a  Memorial fund was set-up by the workshop in his name & honoring all our clients(friends) on the plaque that are now angels-U go Roy!

Knew a good step-dad fm a bio-dad

Knew Jesus-wanted to talk about John when he held the BIble-he knew to respect the "Book"-I wanted to talk about Job-his Faith, struggles

Had Pepsi Co. send 18 wheeler to his 27th B'day party w/ all kinds of t-shirts, fanny pack, beach towel, 5 cases of drinks. 4 tickets to Daytona races & a ride in the truck!!

Impressed Mister Rogers so much of guessing the color of the next sweater that he wrote Roy twice!

Had Unk Bob love him-my brother! He visited & left money @ the corner store in case Roy got there w/ out any! Sent him Timberland boots so he could con't walking in the snow & also a knee Parka to make sure he was warm on those walks!

Won tickets fm. radio stations for concerts to:Beach Boys, Randy Travis, Vince Gill & Patty Loveless, Sammy Kershaw

Was lost & climbed a tree to spot his house-said he learned it in Boy Scouts

Shook hands with the Gov. of Ky. never met a stranger & knew nothing about discriminating. taught lessons on LOve-the Gov. left with a picture of Roy & Twinkles in  his jacket pocket-told him when life got too rough on him to look @ those 2 faces!

Precious Times:

Gave away boxes of doughnuts he was selling (suppose to be!) to support his Boy Scout troop!

From his room to mine @ bedtime with "I love you MOm" goodnight"

Prayed @ the alter for people & prayed @ home & gave a blessing when ask before meals. Short but to the point & God understood him

Roy's favorite movies:

All of Elvis'
Rain Man
Smokey & the Bandit-watched this 20 times
Forrest Gump
Dirty Dancing-watched this 20 times
Saturday Night Fever
Beverly Hillbillies-Jethro
Three stooges-hilarious to him

T.V. shows:
Married with Children
Mama's Family
Barney w/ Andy Griffith
Mister Rogers-Thank God for a man that taught my son about death, divorce, first dental appt.,ride in an ambulance(thought of this as we transferred him to another hospital) he had me watch how balloons are made w/ him, how mushrooms are grown but the best show was having a boy on w/ a handicap-he let you know "everyone is different" & Roy sang this song.
Price is Right-could come close!
Found his preachers on Sun. Morn. & holler for me
Dukes of Hazzard-

C.M.T. country music
All comedies
Jeff Foxworthy

Times I regret-this is rough on the mind & heart!
Correcting him when it was a disease & not him
Giving him consequences for bad behaviors when it was his disease
Trying 20 different psycho drugs to help him-none ever did
Only made him worse
Not knowing about the abcesses sooner fm his headaches, tingling in hand & foot-thought it was side affects fm his meds.
Not being there for his last breath-holding him as he left-

This was written so any parent that has never experienced a child w/ a handicap,will  possibly learn fm. my tireless love & my mistakes but more & better than that to give your child all the love you can. Gosh, what a buddy I had.My side-kick
In memory of my precious son that took what was dealt to him & went on.
Thank you God for a beautiful son. Katie 

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