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Born in Mississippi on June 25, 1974.
Passed away on July 08, 2006 at the age of 32.
June 23, 1974
Labor began while I ws sleeping.I got up & made coffee & timed the pains 20 min. apart so I knew the baby was on the way.
The "show" was there. & I knew this was for real. but my younger sis & huband weren't sure.
I didn't want to be restrained in hospital as I did with his sister, Twinkles 3 yrs. earlier so I stuck it out @ home as long as I could. I was 10 blks. fm. the hospital.
I had been warned 1 month earlier when I started to dialate that it was another Natural childbirth because its high risk for the baby to get drugs fm. the mom & Troy hadn't made it 6yrs. earlier so they would be cautious.
I had a black nurse hold me & help me so much. I was exhausted when the Dr. was yelling "push". She gave me love & w/ it came strength.
Roy was finally out @ 9:45 am.but I knew he wasn't breathing & finally a lil cry!
I was expecting problems because the examining nurse continuosly checked & said a small baby.
The delivery room walls were lined with medical staff to watch this breech birth.
Roy weighed in @ 8lbs.14oz.
I was able to walk to the nursery that night to see him. I was nervous  & excited. He was beautiful. His head full of dark hair.My heart slowed, his hips were propped up on a lil stack of towels. His testicles were 4 times the normal. I found out this was his presenting part. Is this what the examining nurse was mistaking for the head. ? They were so blue & black. He had a touch of jaundrice & would stay a few days after I'm discharged. How I hated that line. Heard it with Troy & Twinkles also.
I was so happy when I knew he was discharged.
This was the beginning of me having a son @ home.
6 weeks later
i'm at his check up. He looks fine. The Dr. was spending a lot of time checking his soft spot on his head. I didn't know it @ the time but I started preparing myself for the news. She walked around the table & put me in her arms & said"think we got the same condition as his sister". I cried but how long can you cry? I left with my appt. for Twinkles' Neurologist.
I continue to go to schedule appts. for 7mos. then Roy is set for surgery to see if theres trapped fluid on the brain.
You sit & stand in the hall by the door because if the fluid is trapped then they have to continue on & put in a shunt to drain his brain.
His Dr. walks out & no trapped fluid. Theres been Hydrochepulos but its arrested. There was trapped fluid in pregnancy & possisly shortly after birth. Then, we're in for regullar visits & some E.E.G.s along the way.
One year old

Roy is developing faster than Twinkles did. Hes sitting up & crawling. Shes 4 & her balance is not good. I have to hold her hand when we're walking on the street to assist her for balance.
Hes walking some. I know hes going to do much better in devolopement.  

Two-three yrs. old
Roy is in to everything. Climbing on the toilet seat , standing up there & getting into everything on the shelves!
Running around usually with a blue knot on his head from accidents. Trying to move 3ft.speakers around. He already loved music but no one knew, this was going to be the main part of his life.
He starts "special education" at Twinkles' Special school.
Just a family with mom getting 2 littles ones ready for the bus, doing the laundry & cooking dinner before they returned @ 3 p.m. Some wonderful shopping times with my younger sis & her small one.
Roy's dad is drinking more often & he was having an affair. 
I slipped away one night with my 2 children while he was @ another party.
I remembered for so long of turning @ the front door & all I saw was our beautiful Christmas tree in the corner but I knew it was  time to go for our safety.                                                            Met our "good ole step-dad" after a few months.
I saw a man that loved my 2 beautiful children & this was the main thing I was looking for.Hes was Roy's "good ole step-dad"for 28 yrs. The only daddy Twinkles knows. She loves him, I think more than she does ME!
Roy is in special school in Key West. He has some behavior problems but I've got to check this out & see if the teacher is qualified to handle our special children. They have a right to an education. Oh well, caused a lil uproar @ the school but they learned they had  a caring & loving mother.
We moved to Mississippi so I could be near family in 1980. my X was there but we were safe, my husband warned him to never bother us again. &  the conversation  was short but anyone would know George meant it. 
Roy was walking on his toes & I thought it was to be cute. Went to Orthopedics & he needed surgery to cut tendons in both ankles to release his ankle. He came fm . surgery with 2 cast to his knee caps. I warned him there would be 2 cast when he woke up. He was so proud of them. Said"look mom I got 2 of these."
I carried him around for 2 days-all 120#s of me & he was 8 yrs. old. The hardest part I remember was fitting him in the kitchen booth that George made for them.
Two days later he was walking in 2 cast down the street to play with his friends. He loved people. The cast were so worn on the bottoms when we went back in 6 wks. to have them removed, the Dr. said we could just about shake them & they'd fall off.
Roy & Twinkles got carbon monoxide in my car & I rushed to the hospital as I was on the road driving when God said "get there". Roy had already passed out & Twinks was drowsy. It was a nightmare & I ran down the halls, begging God to let them live. I was called in to the room & they were both in the same crib sitting there with oxygen mask on! They were fine.
2001-27 yrs. old
Roy is having re-occuring depression & anxiety more often.What use to be like once a yr. . is now every 2 wks. & lasting 1-2wks. Its 2 different people-so happy & then wait because 2wks. he'll be full of anxiety,obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Try a new prescription of meds. Nothing works. Sleeping pills are no relief for him. A good snoring 1 hr. nap sometimes. Tired @ 8pm. up by 3-4am Some nights no sleep.
Dx'd with extremely high blood pressure now. Could have a stroke or heart attack! 
O/C is wearing the whole family out. I'm the leader so I decide we'll live with his disease. Somedays its scrub the kitchen counter for what seemed like hrs. was prob. 1 hr. Some days its the carpet on back porch, work with it for hrs., either sit on floor & beat the fuzz balls, picking them up or get the vacumn hose & sit there vacumning the same spots for hrs. Would stop for ice tea & more food. Would forget he had breakfast & want it again in 2 hrs.  I tried to deal with the monster & pain I knew he was living with. its too sad for me to write about it-it stayed with him until Tues. morn when he started losing balance & Tues. night we took him to the Emerg. Rm. & was told shortly that he had a TUMOR on the brain. Not my healthy son! Not this fast! but maybe hes finally been dX'd & he'll be all better. No Dr. wants to touch the surgery because of enlarged ventricles. We are admitted in this hosp. when no one else would accept him for surgery. We have days of test. Hes moved on Sun. 5 days later to a hosp. where we have a Neurosurgeon that will operate. I'm told @ 10pm that we're going to surgery @ 10 the next morn. I say "How can we? Hes got pnemonia fm the other hospital?" The surgeon said we had no chioce that my sonWOULD DIE! My son? Die! I beg the team to do everything for himbecause I love him so much. Abcesses (2) are found instead of tumor & I think its great & surgeon said "No, we're not out the woods yet" IN 3 days hes moved fm.N.S.I.C.Uto a room down the hall.Its Thurs.afternoon & hes moving to a nice RE-hab ctr. on Mon because hes numb on his right side. It'll be 40 miles fm. me but I can drive that every day .
His cousin came fm Mississippi & shes going home because hes ok
On fri. he wants 2 lunches & I go out & tell the nurse to send another tray & he eats it all. I come home later because hes"tireward" God! I think I'll hear that word forever. His cousin & her family are visiting him Fri nite so I stay home to be with my Twinkles.
I go to see him Sat. morn with my husband & hes laying in a puddle of feces. I put on gloves & clean him up hes not much on eating breakfast. my husband leaves because my neice comes in & we get to see a specialist come in. He wants a Endoscopy done but feels Roy is too weak for that right now.Roy doesn't want much lunch, is " tireward" so I cover him , he turns on the numb side-by grabbing the rail & I noticed his hand was shaking. Told him we'd go home for  while, NEvER dreaming--it was mylast - I stopped by the nurses' station & told them I thought Roy was having a light seizure. My husband went to see Roy late that afternoon , I was so tired. but when he got  back fm seeing Roy, he wanted us to go to the store with him & I noticed it was 6pm so we went & soon as we put the groceries up, the hospital called & said he took a turn for the Worse! I knew what they were saying! I threw the phone @ my husband & he said ,lets go- we had 12 mi. & he went 80mph. I knew when I rode the elevator to 3 rd floor he was gone. WE HAD TO WAIT @ THE NURSES' STATION FOR THE DR.- i'LL NEVER FORGET THE MALE NURSE FOLLOWING THE DR/ WITH A BOX OF TISSUES.
I ask what time did he go & nurse said bout 7 - I had to know exactly so Dr. told him to go find out. It ws 7:30-the time my life changed forever. I ask if I could go in & tell him bye & the Dr. escorted me down the hall. Where does strength come fm @ a time like this? How could I even walk? I had to hold him! & I entered that room & grabbed him in my arms & before I knew it,
said"God go with him, Please don't let him go alone"
I'm crying so hard now , the tears are falling on the keyboard & i can hardly see but George brought Twinks to the foot of the bed & told her to tell Brother bye & she said"Bye brother, get better & come home". My life has been in a blur since & its waves I ride everyday since that night  3-1/2 mos. ago & I put this off for weeks causeI knew it 'll hurt to try & tell it
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